CPIA Recertification

To maintain your certification as an IACUC professional, you must recertify every five years.

Recertification may be achieved either by:

The fee for either type of recertification is:

PRIM&R members: $335
Nonmembers: $450

You must maintain a current certification if you wish to continue using the CPIA credential after your name.

2017 Dates to Remember

Most Recent Certification Date Recertification Application
Due Date
Certification Expiration Date
Spring 2012 Recertification by Exam: March 3, 2017 for the Spring 2017 testing period June 30, 2017
Recertification by CE: March 31, 2017
Fall 2012 Recertification by Exam: September 1, 2017 for the Fall 2017 testing period December 31, 2017
Recertification by CE: September 30, 2017

Recertification by Continuing Education Rules:

  • Credit hours must be earned in at least two of the categories described below
  • Limit credits to no more than 30 hours in a single category. Please note there are further restrictions for categories 9 and 12.
  • Content of activity must cover topics related to IACUC administration
  • Credit hours must be earned within the current five-year certification period
  • Application deadline is three months prior to the expiration of your certification
  • Continuing education activities scheduled after the application deadline (but before certification lapse date) may be counted toward recertification
Category Description Credit Hours Earned
1 Attendance at IACUC administration-related educational programs 1 per hour attended
2 Participation in IACUC administration-related online training and webinars 1 per hour attended
3 Participation as faculty in an IACUC administration-related educational program 1 per half hour presented
4 Service as a site visitor (e.g. AAALAC or OLAW) 5 per day per site visit*
5 Authorship of relevant articles relevant to IACUC administration in peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Publish an article in Comparative Medicine, ILAR Journal, JAALAS, or Lab Animal) 10 per published article
6 First authorship or presenter of relevant posters relevant to IACUC administration presented at a meeting 5 per poster
7 Authorship of opinion articles or articles which are not peer-reviewed in journals and are related to IACUC administration (e.g., Contribute an article  to ALN or publish a response in Lab Animal magazine’s "Protocol Review" column) 2 per published article
8 Authorship of published book chapters relevant to IACUC administration 15 per chapter
9 Item writing for the CPIA exam (e.g., Submit CPIA exam questions) 2 per 5 questions accepted (maximum of 10 credits)
10 Attendance at a CPIA exam item review session  10 per entire session
11 Formal college or university courses relevant to laboratory
animal welfare**
15 per 3 credit course completed
12 Participation in an IACUC administration-related local or regional networking group*** 1 per 2 hours attended
(maximum of 15 credits)

* Effective date for site visitor service: January 1, 2015. All site visits conducted prior to January 1, 2015 will be assessed at 10 credit hours per site visit.

** Candidates must provide a copy of the course syllabus; a copy of the transcript proving successful completion of the course; a written justification for how the course (or sections of the course) relate to the CPIA Body of Knowledge/Content Outline; and a written explanation for how the number of CEUs requested was determined

*** Candidates must provide either a certificate of attendance signed by the host/leader of the meeting showing topics and total hours, or a copy of the minutes from the meeting showing attendees, topics and total hours. The effective date for participation in a local or regional group is January 1, 2017.


  • You are responsible for retaining source documentation that proves your attendance at educational events (e.g., certificates, letters of attendance, registration confirmations), for at least one year following recertification.
  • Documentation for all continuing education units CEUs must be attached to the recertification application.
  • Keep track of your CEUs using the continuing education tracker template (Excel file).


  • Recertification applications must be submitted to PRIM&R and date-stamped no later than three months prior to the date of your certification expiration (e.g., for certifications expiring 12/31/17, recertification materials must be date-stamped on or before 9/30/17) and sent to:

CPIA® Recertification
20 Park Plaza, Suite 720
Boston, MA 02116
Email: certification@primr.org

  • Continuing education credits must be earned within the current five-year certification period. CE activities scheduled after the application due date, but before expiration, may be counted toward recertification so long as:
  • Your application includes information about the planned continuing education activity
  • Written notice is provided to PRIM&R upon completion of the activity
  • Acceptable documentation of attendance is submitted before your certification expires

Download the current Recertification Application Packet.

Learn which PRIM&R programs are eligible for CPIA recertification credit. Remember, PRIM&R members have complimentary access to webinars that occurred one year ago or more through the Knowledge Center!