CPIA Demographics

The CPIA program was created in 2007 to provide a formal recognition of an IACUC professional’s broad knowledge of IACUC functions and expertise about animal care and use programs.

In the seven years since the first test was administered, 475 individuals have become certified. The CPIA program has shown steady growth since its inception.

Personal Demographics

On their applications, candidates had the option to answer a series of demographic questions. At the time they sat for the exam, most CPIAs were 30-50 years old, female, and white.


The most common degree obtained by CPIAs is a Bachelor’s degree, followed by a Master’s degree.


At the time they sit for the exam, most CPIAs had at least six years of experience.

Primary Role

In order to sit for the exam, candidates must have IACUC administrative duties. At the time they sat for the exam, most CPIAs were IACUC administrators, managers, or staff members. However, many also served in other capacities.

Institution Type

57% of CPIAs worked in academia at the time they sat for the exam; 15% worked in biotech/industry, and 7% for the government.

Other institution types included device manufacturers - no CPIAs selected this option

IACUC Office Size

At that time they sat for the exam, 54% of CPIAs worked in IACUC offices that have less than three full time equivalent staff members.

PRIM&R Membership Status

More than half of CPIAs were PRIM&R members at the time they sit for the exam.