Certified Professional in IACUC Administration (CPIA)

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The purpose of the certification is to improve the quality of animal care and use programs nationwide by promoting ethical practices and advanced knowledge of IACUC administration. The CPIA credential constitutes formal recognition of an IACUC professional’s broad knowledge of IACUC functions and expertise about animal care and use programs.

In 2017, PRIM&R changed the Certified Professional IACUC Administrator credential title to Certified Professional in IACUC Administration, to better align the credential with the diverse nature of the professional community we serve. PRIM&R believes this inclusivity leads to a more robust profession and strengthens the animal research oversight field.

Why Become Certified?

The CPIA credential...

  • Strengthens the quality of IACUCs by providing an established body of relevant knowledge and national standards of practice in IACUC administration
  • Validates an individual’s professional experience and mastery of the body of knowledge determined by national experts to be essential to competent IACUC administrative practices
  • Demonstrates the certified IACUC professional’s high level of dedication to IACUC administration as a profession
  • Provides potential career advancement opportunities

CPIA History

PRIM&R established the CPIA credential in 2007 in response to member requests for a certification program for IACUC professionals. The CPIA credential signals to research institutions, the public, and members of the animal research professions that its holders are highly qualified to discharge their duties pursuant to United States rules and regulations, prevailing ethical codes, and administrative best practices.


The CPIA program is administered under contract with PSI/AMP.

The validity of individual test questions is authenticated by certified professionals, while AMP provides professional testing and management services. These services include assistance with test development, administration, scoring and statistical analysis, and processing candidate applications and fees. Questions regarding examination administration or testing centers may be directed to AMP by telephone (888.519.9901) or by email.